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Bagged Stag

  • Owner: Dharminder Junior Rana (UK)
  • Location: UK
  • Year/Model: 1974 MkII
  • Engine: Triumph 3.0l V8.
  • Transmission: Borg Warner 65.

When I bought it all I wanted was a weekend summer car. I took it to my local garage and I wanted the underneath to look as good as the outside. It had loads of patchwork so that’s where it started. I got deeper and deeper into it everything had to be at its best panel work was replaced repainted in an updated colour that still looked similar but popped in the sun. Then the interior had to be a one-off, I couldn’t bring myself to put standard interior as it was to plain. Then the soft top had to be done, next was the engine. It’s a low mileage engine so anything I could chrome had been triple plated chrome. The Airride suspension was fabricated as we have a lot of speed humps and I didn’t want the underneath get scratched or scraped. The seat belts had to colour coded then, the stereo was upgraded and now I’ve ended up with a show car which is valued at £81,500 by the Stag owners club. They put me in touch with RH insurance who have given me an agreed replacement valuation at £81,500 which gives me a piece of mind when I drive it.

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