The Foo Stag

Last night I found time to look at Spiro Ellul’s “Foo Stag” on youtube. Goes for around 4 minutes and is pretty good. I have driven this car in anger and it goes very nicely and has a great exhaust note. This Stag has the BMW Monarch rear end.


(Sent in by Spiro Ellul)

I am the owner of the Foo Stag (Youtube clip linked). My car is highly modified, beautiful, bastardised, improved, ruined, an abomination, brilliant and fast (depending on each individuals point of view) and everyone is allowed a point of view with no offence taken. I also personally cringe at some of the modifications that become “popular” amongst us Stag owners, (this is not right nor wrong) just my personal view as others are allowed to do as they please to their cars. However when time and money permits, I will restore another Stag I have (in a terrible stage as we speak) but when I do it will be as original as possible (as it left the factory) There is no right or wrong, and we can all do as we please (as long as we respect others who do as they please).

We are both lucky and unlucky our cars are not worth millions, the debate then would be on another scale altogether

Spiro Ellul


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